Setting up targeted advertising


Targeting in the literal sense means one hundred percent, fail-safe attraction of the highest possible number of customers. For example, you have been browsing the web looking for the most suitable dress model for yourself, but somehow it so happened that you lost this link. Today it does not matter, going to any other site, for some period of time, you will definitely stumble upon the same dress. All this works thanks to the well-established mechanism of the software, which ensures the rational implementation of targeted advertising.

Probably each of us is familiar, after you have searched for any product or service on the network, you go, for example, to a weather site and immediately see a link to the product you are looking for in the lines between a bright weekend and cloudy weekdays. Of course, advertising in this way stands out for a significantly high cost, but in order to be able to attract the maximum number of buyers at a minimum cost.

Advertising targeting is a special advertising mechanism that allows you to display information only to a specific target audience.

What is the first thing an entrepreneur must know when promoting his products on the market?

Each entrepreneur, before developing his business, analyzes his target audience, forms a kind of client portrait. And so, this portrait includes the following factors: the gender of the client, his age, place of permanent residence, occupation, hobbies, profession.

Targeting has won the highest popularity on social pages. Just imagine how much information you can get about a person from his web page. This is how targeting is actively used in Facebook, Yandex, Google.

Types of targeting

To date, multiple targeting is being considered, below, let's take a closer look at its main varieties.

Geographic targeting. Here, advertising of the target audience living in a certain area is displayed, which the advertiser can set independently. The target audience is grouped depending on the country or city of residence.

How does this selection take place? The principle of operation is provided based on the selected IP address of the Internet user. Thus, in order to understand which product is in the highest demand in a particular region, an advertiser simply needs to click on the desired point on the map.

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The next type of targeting is socio-demographic. In this case, attention is paid to such basic data as gender, age, place of residence, marital status, education. And it is this type of information that is posted on social networks.

The temporary type of targeting is aimed at promoting sites in a certain period of time, for example, it can be any day of the week or another time limit. Each of us knows for himself that the most common time to visit the Internet is in the morning or in the evening. Therefore, in this period of time, the cost of advertising promotion is the highest. Thus, the use of such targeting is the most effective, which, as a result, even allows you to significantly reduce the initial cost of the proposed product.

Retargeting works on the same principle as targeting, but has a narrower scope of its action. In this case, advertising is displayed to those users who have already visited the entrepreneur's website, but have not made a purchase. Thus, links to unpurchased goods appear on many other sites.

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What are the benefits of targeted advertising?

First of all, the costs of the advertising budget are significantly reduced. In this case, advertising is seen only by those people who, according to preliminary research, were interested in buying that other product. The next plus is that targeted viewing of information on the network increases the income of the advertiser's own business.

The formation of an accurate target audience occurs on the basis of a correctly formed retargeting pixel. This piece of software has the ability to perform two main functions. The first is the selection of the maximum number from the target audience, the second is the screening out of those customers who have already completed one of the target actions. For example, you have already made a successful purchase on the website of an entrepreneur.

Setting up targeted advertising on Instagram is of particular importance, since it is here that an entrepreneur has the opportunity to judge his potential client by photo, taking into account all his tastes in fashion, food and much more.

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In this section, you got acquainted with a new type of advertising, which will be recouped in a short amount of time. You now perfectly understand the principle by which it works, it allows you to attract the maximum number of customers, while making minimal financial investments for promotion. Remember that most of the information can be gleaned about a person from social networks, so targeting on Facebook, Vkontakte, Yandex, Google will always be a great success.