Setting up contextual advertising

Today we meet a huge amount of advertising on the network, which is very annoying for a simple user. But sometimes we don’t even think that advertising is useful. It is by clicking on a certain link that you can find something most suitable for yourself on the most favorable terms. Contextual advertising is no longer characterized as simple ads with offers to buy something, but as the most powerful and accurate tool with positive results that can easily satisfy the needs of any user on the network.

setting up adwords contextual advertising from webiseo

Thanks to the use of the latest software, the WebiSEO studio has the ability to quickly and accurately select for display the audience that most needs a particular product or service. Contextual advertising allows you to significantly save the budget for advertising promotion, while quickly recruiting a suitable list of customers for yourself.

Advertising is placed on sites of this type:

  • On the pages of search engines, including setting Google contextual advertising. Thus, in simpler words: what you have written in the search line, the web browser will give you, while links to offers with contextual advertising will be in the first places.
  • On the pages of contextual media networks. Links to your ads will be placed on Google partner pages.

Setting up contextual advertising

Any search engine displays only a text ad, when at the same time a media site offers banners, pictures, videos.

Media sites allow you to earn not only for clicks, but also for watching videos, while the search engine allows you to earn only on clicks.

The price of placing contextual advertising in a search engine is an order of magnitude lower than on media sites.

Setting up contextual advertising, the price of which is the minimum when ordering from us, will completely satisfy you. It consists of the cost of direct promotion of the site and commission.

If you decide to order a contextual advertising setting, then you simply must familiarize yourself with the list of the main advantages of its use:

  • Unobtrusiveness. Such ads with offers are displayed only to those users who actively searched for them on the network.
  • Quick launch and full operation. Contextual advertising appears and starts almost immediately after registration and configuration of all the necessary software and making payment to your personal account.
  • Maximum precision. The availability of the latest equipment and software allows you to select the most appropriate audience to display the necessary information.
  • Flexibility. Conducting contextual advertising allows you to independently direct advertising in the right direction to get the maximum result.
webiseo adwords display ad setup

Due to the fact that contextual advertising takes effect immediately, immediately after it is connected, you have the opportunity to quickly promote on the market precisely those products that are in great demand today or tomorrow, or this season. It becomes effective when you do not have time for the standard SEO promotion procedure.

An approximate scheme of work when developing a contextual advertising strategy:

  • Preliminary analysis of the entrepreneur, website, competitors, market demand.
  • The work of the marketing department, which is engaged in the promotion of goods on the market, the development of extensions, keywords.
  • Test analysis of the received advertising of a product or service.
  • Formation of a report on the performance of the advertising campaign. Providing small recommendations on the rational formation of the company's budget for the advertising sector.
  • Development of new advertising sources in order to promote the product on the market more widely.

Why should you entrust advertising setting to our specialists?

Certificates Google AdWords and Yandex Direct testify that we are qualified specialists in the field of online advertising.